Check out this celltower disguised as a clock Disguise t


Check out this #celltower disguised as a #clock! #Disguise

Cell Tower Flag Pole in College Station, Texas

Cell Tower Tree (Bakersfield, California) A bad example of cell tower camouflage.

I'm sure you've seen one of these cell towers disguised before, but the kind of disguise it's wearing will vary depending on where you live.

Fake Tree cell tower- horribly done antenna covers- looks like the permit office was asleep when they approved it.

Cell Towers

Actually, after I saw this page I realized that some of the saguaro cactuses I see ...

Camouflaged cell-tower ...

Florida Parents Oppose Cell Tower On Elementary School Grounds

A #celltower disguised as a #treetrunk! #TLA #LeaseAdvisors Used Cell Phones

A faux saguaro designed by Larson Camouflage is installed near a golf course.

Cell Tower Church Cross in Lake Worth, Florida

disguised within a church steeple. Talk about a higher calling! Lease Advisors · Disguised Cell Towers

Fantasy Cell Towers I - Tourists will find this antenna on top of the tower of Big Ben will give them four bars while visiting the sights of London Town.

patriotic cell tower disguise T Cell, Cell Phone Plans, Microwave, Isaiah 14,

Awesome behind the scenes shot of a Verizon tower being installed in LA # celltower #

Glassell Park Constructs Cell Tower Disguised As A Clock Tower

Camouflage[edit]. A standard American cell tower ...

Cell Tower Disguised as a Palm Tree

This is the kind of historic view that residents, landlords and city officials are looking to maintain. STEALTH® has the experience to disguise the toughest ...

The cell tower structure now going up at Commerce and Yosemite avenues in Manteca. - photo by HIME ROMERO

Betty Beaumont's Camouflaged Cell Concealment Sites

7. Art Sculpture

25 Examples of Cell Phone Tower Disguises

Photograph ...

This March we'll be showcasing a tower a day for 31 days! Knowing your options is one of the most important pieces of the concealment puzzle.

People may be more likely to accept them in their area. Maybe the turbine "leaves" could be used on cell towers to help camouflage them in ...

Q: Pine tree or cell tower? A: Cell tower, but hidden

Cell Tower Up In Connecticut But Not Yet Functional

A Field Guide to the North American Communications Tower

A monopole in El Paso, Texas, has a disguised antenna boom on the top and a plain antenna boom below it.

AT&T proposed to build a cell tower that is 65-foot tall in the Tucson, AZ area; however, three neighborhood associations have expressed their opposition ...

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Is that a Tree or a Cell Tower? | AT&T Camouflage Antennas | AT&T

Steelhead Communications workers install treelike branches to cover a cellphone tower at Kincaid Park on March

They pose as indigenous trees, cacti, steeples, or even art installations. Click to embiggen the disguised sites below.

Q: Pine tree or cell tower? A: Cell tower, but hidden | News |


Hiding in plain sight: Clever ways to disguise a cell tower | Local News Stories |

Off of Butler's Main Street in North New Jersey, a section of the cell tower that is disguised as a flag pole is missing due to the violent winds of ...

... tower — the cellular kind. antennas

Cell Phone Tower Disguised as a Tree

A well-camouflaged cell tower.

Cell tower from Deutsche Telekom on top of a building in Karlsruhe, Germany

Hiding in plain sight: Clever ways to disguise a cell tower | Local News Stories |

Fantasy Cell Towers II - This tower, replacing the troublesome torch, should give coverage to Liberty Island, neighboring Ellis Island, and most of downtown ...

CAMOUFLAGED CELLS, Azusa, CA (faux palm), Betty Beaumont, 2004.

A guyed mast in the suburbs

Boulder Creek Residents Don't Approve of Disguised Cell Phone Tower

Camouflaged monopole, called "monopalm", in Tucson, Arizona

So here is another post showing how the antennas looks like and how they have to be disguised to blend in with the environment.

The Monoeuc eucalyptus tree, or EUC, hides antennas, RRUs, radios, ancillary equipment at the top better than faux trees, because of its wider profile.

Cell/Church Bell Tower: Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration (Dallas, TX)


street light cell site

AT&T has proposed to build a 162-foot cell tower near some of the high-priced houses near Newtown. The tower would be disguised as a very large pine tree.

With dual towers, staying in contact will the rest of the world will be no problem anywhere around the extensive gardens.

Cell Tower Palm Tree


A 65-foot Stealth concealment tower in Chula Vista, California, showcases RF-friendly ventilating louvers, cupola and asphalt shingles.

4. Bell Tower

Goofy tree disguise, Goofy Cellular Tower Tree Disguise near the Interstate 70 Hogback Road Cut - 02-28

... what kind of disguises or blending could be done with cell towers at some famous locations. Check out the results of my musings here around the page.

Brevard County Discusses Plan For Cell Towers

Cell Tower Cactus in Tucson, Arizona


6. Fir Tree

Des Moines Church Wants Verizon To Put Up Cell Tower Disguised As A Cross

Cell Tower Tree Disguise


Fantasy Cell Towers III - The ruins at Petra, Jordan, are considered to be one of the world's great treasures, but the high surrounding cliffs limit cell ...

Anchorage weighs new rules on cell towers in neighborhoods - Anchorage Daily News

A mobile phone tower in Kangaroo Point, Queensland, painted to look like an Aboriginal talking stick.

lattice tower

In Durham, North Carolina eight residents are suing the city as a way to block the proposed installation of a 120-foot cell phone tower on the property of a ...

'Spirits' for iOS and Android game review

Photograph ...

I got home with my brand new shiny spy camera, only to start wondering where should I put it and what is the best way to camouflage ...

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A crew at Larson works on a faux tree, preparing branch supports and the stem for a treatment that will resemble textured bark. Larson Camouflage

Wisconsin Stealth Tower Alarms Nearby Residents

Steeple Concealment


Cell Tower Tree

With pressure rising, city eyes overhaul of cell-antenna rules

Telecommunications Law; 36.

Opponents of the FCC's push to curtail local governments' small-cell rules have circulated this slide created by Omar Masry, a senior analyst for the city ...


Wall Clock with Hidden Built-in Covert Camera

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