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Pietro Longhi, The Perfume Seller, (detail), c. 1750 – 1752, Oil on canvas, Venice, Ca' Rezzonico

Venice Carnevale

Venetian Manufacture, Two Bauta Masks, Late 18th Century, Cloth and painted gesso, Venice, Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia

History Of Masks, Art Musique, Carnival Of Venice, Rococo, Fic, Mask

Venetian Carnevale. Gorgeous costumes abound during Carnevale in Venice!

There's nothing inherent in the Catholic celebration of Lent that necessitates a mask. So why the masks at Venice's Carnivale?

Venetian Carnival Masks

The Ridotto in Venice, ca. 1750s

Venice Masks

Venetian Carnival Masks, Venetian Masquerade, Carnival Of Venice, Masquerade Ball,

A typical sight during Carnevale in Venice!

Vintage, spooky and gothic Venetian mask, grunge and dark, like an old engraving

Regardless of which mask you choose, you will have a souvenir of Venice, a city going through dramatic ecological and touristic changes.

Giclee Print: Masked Party in a Courtyard, 1755 by Pietro Longhi :

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Venetian masks - Stock Image

Face of The Forest Spirit Carnival Of Venice, Carnival Masks, Half Mask, Beautiful

Pierre Bergaigne (1652-1708), Carnival with Masked figures

El minuet

People in beautiful fancy dress costumes and mask at the Venice Carnival, Carnivale di Venezia

Reception before a Wedding by Pietro LONGHI 1750 Private collection European Dress, European Fashion,

Masks are a part of Venetian history, dating back to the 1300s. For centuries, Venice had one of the most rigid and elaborate set of social classes, ...

Minuet by Venetian artist ...

Traditional and original papier-mache Venetian mask, handmade and decorated with acrylics colors, gold-leaf and glitters. All our masks are

The bauta is one of the original Venetian masks, usually worn by men today (though women would wear it in earlier eras to go to the theater).

I enjoy Venetian masks because of their intricate and elegant beauty. For a sketchbook project I wanted to capture each specific detai.

The Masks of the Carnival of Venice: The Bauta. 2929_discussions.jpg

Venetian mask

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temple night sky Venice mask Tourism evening Nikon religion event Carnival f28 tamron festival d7000 1750

Venetian folk art: Man's mask for the annual Masquerade Ball at the Carnival in Venice

Servetta Muta Mask by Le Cordonnier. Venetian Masquerade, Venetian Masks, Masquerade Ball,

Tiepolo Venetian Masquerade Ball

The Ridotto in Venice with Masked Figures Conversing [The Ridotto at Palazzo Dandolo] c. 1750. Oil on Canvas Private collection

Black and white bauta masks were fashioned to allow wearers to eat. Installation view from 'A Life of Seduction: Venice in the 1700s' at the New Orleans ...

Frittelle and galani: pastries of the Venetian Carnival.


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Two beautiful Venetian baroque golden masks on a golden floral background with grunge effects - Stock

Laura Morelli's 5 Things to Bring Home from Venice

Beautiful masks at carnival in Venice,Italy

Carnival of Venice

Amazon.com: Clearance Skull Full Face Horror Halloween Luminous Mask,Ideal for Christmas Costume Party (A): Clothing

Close up of venetian mask with feathers and rhinestones. Art work. Isolated on black

Regardless of which mask you choose, you will have a souvenir of Venice, a city going through dramatic ecological and touristic changes.

Masks of the Venetian Carnival.

Venice Carnivale, Carnival Of Venice, Venice Mask, Venetian Carnival Masks, Venitian Mask

Venetian mask shop in Venice

Caricature of a Man in a Mask and a Tricorne, Standing in Profile to the

Carnevale - Photo: Cat Bauer

Venice Carnival Design Template with Gold Mask.

Venice Carnival

Fantasy art, sensual woman with venetian mask, cabaret - csp14241278

Masks Worn At A Masquerade Party

XL ...

Masquerade ball

They remind me of the wind and water that are as much a part of Venice, as its majestic palazzi are…

image 0 ...

Woman in a white tricorn hat with mask, lace veil, fan and rose favour at Venice Carnevale

A Fortune Teller at Venice

Leather Venetian mask on black

Masks of the Venetian Carnival.

Gabriel Bella, Fat Thursday Festivity in Piazzetta, 18th century, Venice, Querini Stampalia

Venetian carnival mask. Street shopping. Famous souvenir. Italian market. Italy Venice.

50 Things to Do In Venice On a Budget

Grand Canal viewed from Rialto Bridge

Carnival of Venice Source: pixabay.com

Masks of the Venetian Carnival.

Venetian Carnival mask on Black Background - Stock Image

Pietro Longhi

Sexy Venetian Masquerade Princess Mask Rhinestone Laser Cut Black Metal Women Party Ball Venetian Half Mask Masquarade Masks Masque Ball Masks From ...


Traditional carnival venetian mask

Three venetian carnival masks on wooden table stock photo

Masquerade Ball History

... Sexy Venetian Masquerade Princess Mask Rhinestone Laser Cut Black Metal Women Party Ball Venetian Half Mask ...

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Venice is very famous for its traditions, the main ones being: the Carnival, the Historical Regatta, Festa della Sensa (Ascension Day), Il Redentore and the ...

The first mentions of the “Carnevale” date back to 1094 A.D.. During the reign of “La Serenissima”, as Venice was called at the time, the Doge allowed ...

Masks of the Venetian Carnival.

Shining Venetian mask - pink panther-

Venice Carnival 2017 and A Brief History of Mask-Making

Two mask in Venice.

Italy, Venice, carnival 2019, typical Venetian masks and costumes in shop windows and

4: Carnival Opera in Rome and Venice

Gold Venetian Masks ...

15 Distinctively Italian Things to Buy in Venice

Exhibition of a Rhinoceros at Venice


Discover our amazing proposals for the Venice Carnival!

man in golded face mask Venice carnival - Stock Image